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Architectural anodizing solutions


Architects want to make a mark.
You want your designs to reflect your vision on contemporary design, to stand out and write history. Alumet has been a preferred supplier to architects and designers like
 you for over half a century.

Reflecting timeless beauty

Discover the benefits of anodizing

  • Extreme durability
    Extreme durability

    Durability and corrosion resistance make aluminum ideal for harsh conditions. Enhanced by anodization, it offers long-lasting, low-maintenance performance across construction to aerospace industries.

  • Cost efficiency
    Cost efficiency

    Enhanced by the use of our AluGuard sealing technology, aluminum offers low maintenance and a long lifespan. Its abundance, lightweight nature, low shipping costs, and recyclability make it economically favorable for various applications. 

  • Carbon footprint
    Carbon footprint

    Aluminum's recyclability and durability make it a sustainable choice by significantly reducing the need for new raw materials, despite its energy-intensive production processes.

Future ambitions

Future ambitions

Our sustainable journey

With our cutting edge technology we do not only strive to deliver products that bring architectural visions to life, but we also aim to minimize our own environmental footprint by finding new ways to reduce the use of natural resources in our production process.